2022 TV Stand Options For Every House

Because most of us enjoy watching television, it is one of the most popular pleasures around the world. When you’re bored, switch on the television, and you’ll receive the distraction you’re looking for because there’s always something to watch.

When you’re depressed, you turn on the television in the hopes that it will make you feel better. You put it on for background noise when you’re lonely, and it brightens your mood. Hearing the sounds alone can make you feel less lonely.

For any occasion and at any age, watching television is the ideal companion. And now, more than ever, you have a wide range of stand alternatives to choose from. There are literally thousands of models available, with something to suit every taste, lifestyle, and budget.

Walker Edison Saxon Glass Shelf TV Stand, Mid-Century Modern

There are a variety of TV stands to choose from. However, there are two primary types of stands: mounted and regular.

Newer TV models are designed to be watched from a lower vantage point than previous TV models, so keep that in mind while shopping for a stand. You don’t want to put it up too high and have neck ache!

Flat screens and OLEDs look best when there isn’t a lot of clutter around them, so a stand with its own mount helps to keep the room looking tidy. And without causing any damage to your walls!

Another advantage of a mounted TV stand is that you can move it around and see the console tables from various angles, and most of them have some form of wire management space as well as ample room for all of your TV-related accessories, such as consoles, games, and remote controls.

There are several versions made of various materials to pick from if you want a classic TV stand that also functions as a piece of furniture.

What to Look for When Buying a New Television Stand

Liberty TV Stand by Manhattan Comfort

Because there are so many aspects to consider, we’ll attempt to make it as simple as possible for you:

First and foremost, what kind of workspace do you have? You can determine the size of the stand based on this. If you’re short on room, do you prefer a model that’s really minimalistic or one that doubles as storage?

Another consideration is the material. Some people prefer wood, while others prefer glass, especially if they don’t have children. Others want a more industrial style with metal features.

Whatever material you choose, ensure sure the stand is of high quality and sturdy enough to accommodate your television.


The design is unquestionably significant, and it must correspond to your preferences. There are several subcategories here:

  • Stands with open shelves that make any room appear airy and tidy.
  • Audio tower stands are for folks who have a lot of gear and appreciate utility.
  • The entertainment stands are self-evident and require no further explanation.
  • Swivel models are ideal for folks who want to watch TV from a variety of angles without having to physically move the TV.


Its adaptability is a key feature that should not be overlooked. A swivel is always useful if you need to adjust it for any reason, such as glare from sunshine.

BELLEZE Modern Farmhouse Wood 50-Inch TV Stand

Management of Cords

The cords of the TV and any other equipment can be hidden from view using holes in the back of most units for a nice and uncluttered look.

Compatibility with TV

This is yet another crucial issue to consider, and it should be stated explicitly. The TV stand’s size should be compatible with the TV stand’s size. If you buy one of those entertainment units that need the TV to fit inside, make sure you measure the TV’s actual size (length and height) rather than the claimed size.

A 65-inch television is measured diagonally, although the bezel or frame may have an impact on the actual size.


Last but not least, what budget do you have in mind? There are some affordable options, some models in the middle, and some ones that are quite expensive. Choose the most affordable option.

After all, you’ll see that stand every time you switch on the TV, so make sure you like it and are satisfied with your decision. Consider all of the aforementioned aspects, which should help you narrow down your choices.

Let’s have a look at some samples to assist you make an educated selection about the best TV stands available right now.

15. 3-in-1 Console by Whalen Furniture

This variant is ideal for renters who do not want to drill holes in the walls to mount their televisions. The swivel mount is already integrated into this unit, so you may move the screen around without having to do anything extra.

The 3-in-1 design allows you to put your TV in a variety of ways, including on a wall mount, a tabletop, or even in a swinging floater mode. It also has wheels that disguise your cables, which is a benefit.

Fitueyes Universal TV Stand

This simple yet extremely functional and heavy-duty device can accommodate a larger television. This stand, which is made of steel and has a tempered glass base, can sustain up to 110 pounds.

It can be adjusted up to 5.5″ in height, and its 80-degree swivel (40 degrees on each side) making it suitable for any environment. A simple to assemble mount that is competitively priced and takes up little space.

Comfort Liberty in Manhattan, number 13 TV Stand from the 1950s

This TV stand with a mid-century contemporary design will complement any area in your home. It is an investment item made of solid wood and high-quality MDF that will last a long time.

With two cubicles and two shelves, there is plenty of shelf and cabinet space. The elegant finishes lend a great touch to this piece of furniture, which will complement a variety of decors.

Carson TV Stand by Ameriwood Home

The Carson TV stand offers a contemporary appearance with a hint of flair. It comes in two sizes and is made of laminated particle board with powder-coated accents in either black or silver.

There are six different finishes to select from, so you’re sure to find one that matches your decor. With two wide shelves and two side cabinets with hinged doors, it’s a streamlined unit with plenty of storage.

Perlesmith Universal TV Stand (No. 11)

For those of you who don’t want a lot of clutter, a simple and adaptable model that is also economical can be a suitable option. It works with TVs up to 55″ in size and is very simple to set up. The stable foundation is composed of black tempered glass and has non-slip feet for increased stability.

The channel is a wonderful feature that keeps your cables tidy and out of sight. It’s a great option for renters or anyone who doesn’t want to drill holes in their walls to place their TVs but doesn’t like the aesthetic of a tabletop device.

Vasagle Bryce TV Stand (10)

With its metal frame and bottom shelf, a lovely rustic yet modern TV stand gives you a touch of modern industrial style. The two top wood open shelves provide ample space for all of your decorative needs, and it is sturdy enough to support up to 66 pounds of weight.

It’s also one of the most cost-effective solutions on our list, so have a look if you like the style.

9. Modern TV Stand by Zinus Garrison

This compact multipurpose table has a straightforward but strong design. The shelves are comprised of a beautiful brown wood grain finish and have a square steel tube metal frame.

Should you opt to install the TV directly on the table, the two-tier tabletop shelving can be utilized as a console table or a tv stand. It can support up to one hundred pounds, so you can be assured that your TV will be safe.

8. Lumina Fireplace TV Stand by Ameriwood Home

There are a lot of bells and whistles on this item. It’s composed of laminated particle board and has a temperature-controlled 23″ fireplace and six open shelves. Because the glass dividers are sturdy and tempered, you can safely use the adjustable brightness features.

This terrific alternative comes in three colors and has a solid structure that supports TVs up to 70″ and 120 lbs.

Vasagle Retro TV Stand (number 7)

Those who adore the nostalgic mid-century appearance will appreciate a beautifully finished wood TV stand built from natural materials. It has two open shelves and a hinged cabinet with a magnetic lid to hide your accessories while giving plenty of storage space.

The sturdy rubberwood legs are supported by heavy-duty hardware that can support up to 110 pounds, allowing you to place your television right on this elegant set.

6. RFiver Swivel Bracket Mount TV Stand

This is a trendy yet simple TV stand that will fit in with any decor. The stand has many functionalities, but it also has a simple style that is suitable for minimalist houses.

It’s rectangular in design and comes with two or three shelves, as well as a tabletop, depending on the model. The TV stand is attached behind the TV and features a swivel feature that allows you to adjust the tilt of the TV.

5. Scandinavian TV Stand by Nathan James Wesley

This one is for you, if you like the Scandinavian aesthetic. Despite its small size, it is useful, with enough of extra storage room for all your belongings.

It has open shelves on the sides and two closed cabinet doors on the ends, and the white and wood contrast works well with a variety of decors. It has pinewood legs and is composed of sturdy engineered wood.

4. TAVR TV Stand with Swivel Mount Entertainment Center

Another amazing entertainment device that is both simple and modern while also being lovely. The metal tube at the back of the unit covers all your cables for a sleek look, and it’s made of three black tempered glass shelves that are solid enough to accommodate your equipment.

The console has a safety lock screw that prevents the TV from falling, and its adjustable legs provide additional stability.

3. Belleze Farmhouse Modern TV Stand

This unit is ideal for individuals who want a farmhouse style. The barn sliding cabinet doors, like those on previous models on this list, set this unit apart. It comes in two style variations and four distinct finishes, and it has two adjustable shelves so you can make it your own.

The item can accommodate TVs up to 65″ because to the high quality of the produced wood.

2. Media Console in Modernist Wood and Lacquer by West Elm

This West Elm high-end console is an investment. This bold piece will instantly boost any room and will go with any design. It’s built of engineered wood, and the light color palette gives it a light, airy atmosphere.

Its two huge side cabinets can contain a lot of stuff, and the main drawer and shelf are ideal for keeping all of your electronics. It’s one of the bigger units we looked at, and it can easily accommodate huge screen TVs without taking up too much space.

1. Wren Classic Universal TV Stand by Walker Edison

We chose this model as our first choice because it is cost-effective for the quality and elegance it provides. It’s made of high-end materials and costs a little less than the West Elm counterpart, but the quality and craftsmanship are nearly identical. There are three sizes to pick from, each of which can accommodate a variety of TV sizes. It comes in a number of colors and materials, allowing you to personalize it to your desire.

The three cubicles can be configured as flexible double shelves to suit your needs, and there are numerous connectors for cord management on the back of the device. Overall, this is a fantastic alternative.

That concludes our list of the best TV stands for 2022, which range from traditional tabletop devices to wall-mounted variants.

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