Get More Likes On Instagram

This is a difficult question to answer. Increasing your follower count will naturally enhance the reach of your posts and assist you in forming more relationships with potential followers, which is obviously beneficial.

Likes, on the other hand, are quite important. If your engagement rates are high, it means you’re producing material that your target audience wants to view, and your marketing is delivering the outcomes you expected. Because of Instagram’s algorithm, high interaction can also get you higher in the stream, boosting your efforts even more.

One of the most crucial metrics to keep an eye on while marketing on buy instagram likes is engagement rate, and getting users to hit that small heart button should be a top priority. We’ll look at fourteen various techniques to gain more Instagram likes in this post so you can increase your engagement rate and get more out of your marketing.

1. First and foremost, like their content.

Do you want to increase the number of people who like your content? To begin, reach out and like other people’s content. It’s always a two-way street on social media; sitting in solitude and waiting for others to come to you isn’t always the greatest strategy.

It’s fine if you don’t want to start liking your customers’ stuff. Reaching out and like material from influencers and other profiles of businesses similar to yours is a safe bet here. When you comment on their postings, go beyond a simple “Nice!” and try to write something more substantive. If you build up those around you, they will want to do the same for you.

2. Produce Content That Is Emotional

You’ll receive more likes on Instagram photos if you provide photographs or videos that emotionally connect with your audience. Use a combination of photos, videos, and words to deliver a forceful punch and achieve whatever emotional impact you’re after.

“Sad” does not have to imply “emotional.” Excitement, nostalgia, a sense of adventure, rage, and pure bliss are all valid emotions. Your followers are more likely to react if you can make them feel something when they look at your material. It will also help to establish an emotional connection with your business, which is always a plus in marketing.

3. Make Use of Colorful, Eye-Catching Images

Instagram began as a photo-sharing network, and the visual component still holds a significant amount of weight on the platform. Using high-quality, colorful, and stunning photographs will halt consumers in their tracks and make them pay attention when reading through their feeds. And the longer they hover, the more probable it is that they will click the like button.

There are a few image best practices you may apply to gain success on Instagram. The majority of them are shown in the graphic above, including:

Have a lot of background information. Instagram users, unlike Pinterest users, prefer to see more background in a photograph. It’s easy to focus the eye and it seems more appealing.

Images with a blue hue are shown. Users respond more to photos with blue or cooler hues as the primary hue than images with red as the dominating hue, according to a Curalate study.

In your photos, use a variety of textures. It has a more vibrant feel to it, and it will naturally attract the eye in. The grey/blue color contrasts beautifully with the blurred natural green background in the image above.

4. Possess a wry sense of humour

Everyone enjoys a good laugh almost as much as they enjoy receiving free gifts. You’re more likely to obtain a like if you can make your followers laugh (or even simply grin).

Your sense of humour should be personalized to your business and target demographic. There’s also no need for a punchline or a long intricate joke. The trick is to have a good sense of humor, especially if it’s not intended at anyone else but yourself. To make the desired impact, all you need to do is be a little funny.

5. Provide Value

If you can provide something that your followers require, they will respond. You may provide value on Instagram by sharing information publicly. In many situations, this will take the shape of video lessons that may teach you everything from how to properly care for a product to how to prepare a delectable cuisine.

It can also mean outright exchange of facts or information, like in the example above. For many B2B and “non-glamorous” B2C enterprises, this is an effective strategy. If you don’t offer hyper-visual items or services, you may still utilize this strategy to grow an engaged and dedicated Instagram following– and, of course, a lot of likes!

6. Include video in your RSS feeds

Keeping your feeds varied will help keep users interested. No one likes to see the same post in different forms and styles over and over again; mixing it up with different sorts of post formats and styles can assist.

Video performs well, and putting a public video view counter on your postings can provide a lot of social proof, causing other people to stop and watch, and ideally participate as well.

Keep the following in mind when utilizing video on Instagram:

  • Keep it brief. If you don’t need it, don’t strive to reach the maximum time limit.

The golden spot for video is usually thirty seconds or less.

Closed captions should be added. Close captions should be used if there is any voice-over narration. This can draw users in while also providing useful background if they are unable to hear the sound for any reason.

Use your description to persuade viewers to watch. When a video catches a viewer’s eye, they turn to the description for information on what it’s about and whether or not they should watch it. Immediately respond to the “why” inquiry.

7. Make User-Generated Content Available

User-generated content (UGC) is a tried-and-true approach for increasing Instagram likes. Many people appreciate seeing that you care about your community, and viewing posts from other customers has its own set of advantages.

There’s a considerable probability that your user-generated material will differ from the branded content you usually publish, which might help to attract users’ attention. It also has a more personal feel to it, as it was developed by real, genuine people who simply wanted to share their wonderful experience. Because UGC frequently shares a fantastic experience that goes beyond the product, it has a tremendous impact and makes consumers more likely to appreciate the post.

It’s usually a good idea to obtain permission from the original poster before sharing UGC, unless it’s evident that they’ve given permission for the image to be shared. This is especially true if it has anything to do with their house, personal life, or children. Although most people will answer yes, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

8. Increase the number of organic posts

Businesses often utilize Instagram Ads to increase sales, but boosting already-existing organic posts will increase your reach and help you gain a lot of likes quickly.

To attain these results, you’ll have to pay, but even $15 on high-performing posts might get you a lot of likes. Boosting key posts and accumulating a lot of social evidence that lives on your profile can be a good investment both now and in the future.

Instagram now even shows you which of your posts are doing well and should be promoted:

9. Include images of people in your posts.

Smiling faces can help you gain more likes on Instagram posts, whether they belong to you, your employees, your customers, or even models. We’re all naturally drawn to joyful faces, and it gives your profile that personal touch that many of your fans crave.

This is also supported by science. According to a 2014 study, Instagram photos with faces were 38 percent more likely to receive likes and 32 percent more likely to receive comments than those without.

10. Maintain Consistency in Your Filters

While you want your gallery’s real material to be varied, having a cohesive, branded look to the majority of your content might actually help you get more likes on your posts.

Keeping your feed consistent will help with brand awareness and make your updates appear more intentional.

There are a few factors to consider while selecting your filters:

  • Warmth-adding filters may elicit a warm response in return.
  • Filters that add contract can produce attractive images that are remembered.
  • Filters that diminish saturation and blur the image should be avoided.

It’s completely acceptable to use no filter at all. If you’re selling tangible products, it’s probably best to leave it out so that consumers can see the product in its true form.

11. Use simple captions.

On a visual interface, large, extended captions might be overwhelming. As a result, simple captions are more likely to be read. The majority of your captions should be short and simple to understand. Keep the longer ones for postings that truly require them.

It’s fine if your captions are a little lengthier, but make sure they still have that “easy-to-read” feel to them. Break up thoughts into several paragraphs and use basic phrase styles. Treat it as if it were a blog article; it should be simple to skim and understand without the need for reading glasses.

12. Hold “Like to Win” competitions.

Contests are an excellent approach to receive a significant spike in likes for your Instagram marketing. These postings won’t produce long-term results outside of the campaign’s duration, but they can help you gain the momentum you need to move forward.

To be eligible to win one of these sweepstakes, users must like a specific post. You can stop there, but if the prize is significant enough (and it should be), you should also request a few extra acts. You can make it mandatory for users to follow you and post a comment or tag a friend in order to win. You may even ask them to securely provide information like their email address or phone number if you use contest software.

13. Be true to yourself

Despite your best efforts to keep things professional, your followers will form ties with people rather than brands. Showing the human, true faces behind your company will help you achieve this.

Be honest with your audience. This doesn’t imply airing your dirty linen or admitting to mistakes that have ruined your reputation, but it does require being as open as possible. In the example above, a local artist made light of a hectic morning and a human moment that we can all relate to before promoting where you can purchase her work. It comes out as less salesy than if she didn’t include the tale at all, and it’s endearing in a way that will increase likes (and possibly more sales, too).

14. Use Hashtags and Posting Times to Broaden Your Reach

Your followers aren’t the only ones who can like your posts, so broadening your reach as much as possible will help you acquire more likes.

Using the proper hashtags and gaining momentum in the algorithm will be your greatest options for improving reach. More information on the former can be found here.

Because everyone’s audience is distinct, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to peak publishing hours. In order to receive an initial increase in visibility, posting at appropriate times will help you right when your posts are up. Check your Instagram insights to see when your audience is most active, as this can vary based on your business.

Posting during your followers’ most active periods is a fantastic place to start experimenting to determine what works best for you.


If you want to see results on Instagram, keeping your engagement rate high should be a top priority. When you get a lot of likes on Instagram, it means your material is valuable and relevant to your audience, which is important if you want to establish relationships and sell on the network. It will also provide you traction in the algorithm, and it will, of course, provide tremendous social proof that other people should check out your work.

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