One of the Most Haunted Houses

The Haunted Hotel Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

When you think of haunted homes PA, the Haunted hotel Bethlehem in Pennsylvania is the most obvious. According to legend, the Hotel Bethlehem was built on a famous site that dates back to the very beginnings of the town.

It was in 1741. Both the staff and guests of the hotel have experienced bizarre and queer experiences over the years. Guess what? This hotel was recently declared one of the Haunted Houses PA.

Both hotel staff and guests reported seeing ghosts, shadows, and strange reflections in mirrors and glasses at the hotel. Butlers and maids often hear their names being called without anyone around.

People have felt tapping on their shoulders, pens dropping from nowhere, and vacuum cleaners moving across the floor even though they are not plugged in. Many believe the ghosts seen in Bethlehem Hotel, one of the Haunted Homes PA, are from the Victorian Age or the Colonial era.

Many people have seen a little girl appear in the windows. It is believed she is May Yohe, who was a Bethlehem hotel little girl. May was a talented young woman who became an actress and singer in the 1890s.  carnivalofhorrors

She married a wealthy man, who was able to afford the Hope Diamond, which she wore many times. But her life was filled with scandals and failed relationships. Her childhood at Hotel Bethlehem was the most memorable time in her life.

The Bethlehem Hotel, which is one the most famous Haunted Houses Pennsylvania, has seen May Yohe’s little ghost. Staff and guests have also witnessed a shadowy presence of a woman in period clothes who often appears in the hotel’s kitchen. This woman has been seen by staff and guests alike in the hotel’s dinning area.

Sometimes guests who were afraid of encountering this ghostly lady asked to leave early because they said that they saw an apparition in their bathroom or room, or in the dining room.

One engineer even refused to visit the sub-basement after his haunting experiences there. These stories and other accounts make the hotel one of Pennsylvania’s most haunted homes.

We are nearing the end of our discussion, so we wanted to mention briefly that this is the exact same spot as the Hotel Bethlehem where the first Bethlehem house was built.

The Eagle Hotel was also built in this exact spot in the 1800s. The Hotel Bethlehem is located in Bethlehem’s downtown area. Despite its reputation for being one of the most haunted homes in Pennsylvania, it is actually in a charming, pleasing historic district that possesses enigmatic scenic beauty.


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