The Shocking Facts About Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

There are many misconceptions and arguments about marijuana use. There are many opinions on whether weed is addictive and whether it can cause health problems. These questions have been debated over the years. However, research has shown that marijuana addiction is real and can pose a danger to one’s health if used in an abusive manner. The results of these studies are not conclusive. However, there are still controversies.

Not everyone who tries marijuana is addicted. Some people become dependent on marijuana and have difficulty coping with withdrawal symptoms. It is possible for up to 9% of marijuana users to become dependent. For those who have had marijuana in their youth, this percentage rises to 17%. The likelihood of becoming addicted to marijuana increases by as much as 50% for those who use it every day.

The study included 500 marijuana addicts who were looking for ways to quit or to manage their withdrawal symptoms. Around 33% of these people relapsed to marijuana to relieve their withdrawal symptoms. Over 42% reported experiencing at least one of the withdrawal symptoms. Similar studies produced similar results.

After 8 hours of last use, regular marijuana users may experience withdrawal symptoms. Within the first 10 days, the withdrawal symptoms are more apparent and begin to fade within 3-4 days. A marijuana dependent user may experience withdrawal symptoms for up to 45 days or a month mail order marijuana.

Anxiety is the most prominent withdrawal symptom for marijuana users. This is the most common withdrawal symptom for those who want to quit smoking marijuana. It is present regardless of whether the anxiety is mild or moderate. Many people experience dramatic mood swings and may even behave differently. The person may also show more aggression and become more irritable.
Many of the withdrawal symptoms from marijuana use are opposites to marijuana’s effects. Many people feel less hungry and have difficulty eating. Many people who smoke marijuana regularly feel tired and sleepy. These people are more likely to feel agitated than relaxed.

Most people will feel satiated within a few days of quitting marijuana. Then, they start experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. Some people will experience nausea, while others may also feel diarrhea. Insomnia can also be common, and it is most often experienced within the first few weeks after quitting.

Your ability to dream can be affected by marijuana. A person who is using marijuana, or experiencing withdrawal symptoms from marijuana, may not be able to remember or dream. The ability to dream will return to normal if the individual stops using marijuana. Dreams can often lead to nightmares, but they are possible.

Although marijuana isn’t considered a risk to your health, there are some health effects. These include an increased risk of heart attack, a weaker immune system, and an increased chance of developing lung problems.

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