Top Of The Best Bluetooth Page Turners Reviewed

Are you currently really a musician who’s fed up with turning through sheet music?

Time is what once you’re online or at the recording studio.

Therefore, why fumble by loud and deflecting piles of published music whenever you might go hands-free?

Blue tooth page-turners let users to make use of their own feet to swipe one page into another.

This tool will make it possible for you to digitize your sheet audio library that is whole.

Top select

Stomp page-turner is your fantastic option for artists and anybody who want durable, long-living services and products.

You need to not be concerned in the event that you’ve got external events blowing off your rack. You’re able to play a whole setlist of touching your own tablet computer with no requirement.

Moreover, a number of the unit are designed to activate metronomes or financing tracks. The best part is they can be paired with any device that is wise.

If you should be excited to recover some your on stage concentration, then make sure you take a look at our top-five blue tooth page-turners and also have a good look at our helpful purchasing guide.

We’ve taken a peek at a number of the best-selling services and products assured of narrowing down your contest along with also making your consumer experience as simple as you possibly can.

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If you’d like touse page-turner just in your home or your own funding is bound Page Flip is fantastic option.

Blue Tooth Page-turners Replies Chart5 Best Blue Tooth Page-turners (by April, 20 20 ):
Even the Coda Music Technologies STOMP has been designed to allow hands-free set-list and sheet-music scrolling.

In addition to this, the gadget empowers hands-free metronome starts and quits, desktop track activates, along with PowerPoint slide fluctuations.

This product is likely to get your life easier depriving you out of making compromises to reverse the web page or being concerned about page endings.

Its hearty design and answer pedals allow musicians to concentrate on the performance in the place of their page-turning.

In reality, the pedal works nicely with any program or application that uses computer keyboard stroke controls.

Either add a battery or plugin from the DC power port.

In addition to this, the apparatus has four pre-set scrolling manners. Therefore, it’s simple for artists to tailor their pedal to suit their preferences.

It has grippy feet that keep it in place.

In addition to this, Coda Music Technologies STOMP was created in the USA and endorsed with a searchable money-back warranty.

We highly suggest this apparatus for unsigned musicians and recording artists attempting to expel paper piles in their own performances.


Solid steel enclosure
50foot Blue Tooth variety
150 hours of page turning using 9volt battery
Optional 9volt DC power provide
Weighs 1-9 oz


The PageFlip PFBUTTERFLY01 can be really actually just a wireless site turner having a design that is rugged.

In reality, the Butterfly is really a brand fresh and advanced variant of all PageFlip’s well-loved Cicada page-turner Pedal.

This variant responds instantly to your media in the event that you have not been using it.

The newer version features a durable hard plastic outside using grippy saddle tops.

In addition to that, it’s appropriate for a vast array of devices, for example, I-pads, Android tablet computers, Windows, Macs, and Linux computers.

In reality, the PageFlip PFBUTTERFLY01 works together with a huge selection of different sheet-music programs. Just as a question of fact it could be paired.

Whether you’re buying the PageFlip PFBUTTERFLY01 yourself or a budding artist, there is virtually no learning curve. Simply play some AA batteries and place them.

As the PageFlip PFBUTTERFLY01 is often employed by artists, it may be applied to scan digital novels.

There exists a built-in 30-minute inactivity window until the PageFlip PFBUTTERFLY01 is sleeping style puts in. Moreover, the pedals come with activities that are hushed. This device’s pedal may help increase its own equilibrium.

A Bluetooth USB dongle empowers users to acquire instant wireless aid.

The Butter Fly is the cheapest blue tooth page-turner of PageFlip. Still, it provides more than 200 hrs, or else 200,000 page works, of continuous usage. In addition to this, it includes a more warranty.

PageFlip Butter Fly Blue Tooth Page-turner Pedal:

Because you can easily see from this video, the page-turner includes a simple butterfly-like design that provides convenient hands-free page rotation.

It’ll be suitable to utilize in the event that you’ve got big feet.

We urge using PageFlip page-turner using ForScore, unrealBook, and OnSong using I-pads and Androids. Remember these are only a couple of the programs which the Butterfly can be used with.

Whenever you place it on the pedal at the manner it can do PageUp or PageDown. That means you are able to scroll and page down or up together with Google along with i-pad docs.

This may even respond in precisely exactly the exact same manner as the blue tooth pedal.

It is harmonious with drop-box. It is going to continue to work with the pedal Since drop-box reacts to keypresses.

A few hints about the best way best to pair PageFlip with almost virtually any gadget. As an Example, you have also you also and an I Pad utilize program that is Forscore:

The moment you change it around, it usually pairs.
To be certain it’s paired, wait patiently until it’s only just a modest dim reddish light.
PageFlip is an simple business. In reality, many clients have noticed that the provider features a superb responsive customer care team.

Main Characteristics

Double pedals
three adjustable pedal manners
Intuitive interface
30-minute in activity phase before entering sleep mode
Entirely silent pedal activity
Permanent and compact design
Additional heft and rocky structure
works together using keyboard-compatible I pad and Android programs
Compatible I pad programs consist of ForScore, unrealBook, along with OnSong.


Double pedals
Three pre-set pedal manners
30-minute in activity period
re-constructed and further lasting

If you are a musician who is seeking to resign from newspaper sheet music, then the most Donner EC974 can be really actually just a fantastic method to begin.

This handy device could be paired with almost any Mac, PC, i-pad, or Android tablet computer.

Not to say it is useful with most widely used sheet music and scanning programs, for example score, OnSong, NextPage, along with D d GigBook.

It’s a breeze to pair. Just as a question of fact, whatever you want to do would enable Bluetooth in your own apparatus and press on.

The Donner EC974 Cable is created of durable ABS plastic and includes rubber grip bicycle tops. Additionally, it comes with an light-emitting diode battery lifetime indicator lights.

Into a whole band, this pedal may be synced Using a wireless blue tooth range. In addition to it features a rechargeable battery that provides more than 50 hours of page-turning each fee.

Consumers have their own selection of three unique colorways, for example, gold, silver, and dark. Every one of the colors looks great alongside the vintage-looking Donner EC974 tag.

The system boasts two square-foot pedals which can be split by means of a pushbutton controller panel.

Five-page scrolling preferences which can be harmonious with programs along with applications are offered by the device. The pedal is still currently marginally weathered, though its solid middle of gravity makes it good base on surfaces that are flat.

The Donner blue tooth page-turner is a brilliant cheap option for artists with limited funds. Additionally, it includes a look that adds the detail that is striking into some board.

Not to say it boasts rooting LED indicator lights which allow you to understand exactly if the system connects to blue tooth. Even the Donner EC974 pedal also includes a 30day money-back warranty.

Not to say, Donner EC974 possesses an impressive consumer care team that is always keen to help their buyers.

Main Features

30+ foot radio variety
Hands-free Audio reading on I-pads, Android tablet computers, Mac, and PC
left & right foot buttons emulate arrow keys, Page Up / pagedown, along with Mouse-clicks
Take Charge of audio viewing, Scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting or press controller, and much more
50+ hours on a single control with the Integrated rechargeable battery and contained USB charging Cable


Rechargeable battery using USB charger
300-foot wireless Bluetooth variety
Five webpage turning configurations
Appropriate for Different devices and programs
comes in gold, silver, and Dark
50 hours of Page-turning per fee
ABS plastic with rubberized grips

AirTurn QUAD Page-turner with 4 Fragrant — Review

Even the AirTurn QUAD can be actually just really a excellent apparatus for artists that are looking to get background noise throughout their performances and recording sessions.

As its name implies AirTurn QUAD can be really actually just a four-pedal page-turner.

It empowers consumers to toggle between financing monitors, activates abbreviated metronomes, get a handle on special-effects, navigates set-lists, transposes keys, plus even more.

Even the AirTurn QUAD includes a versatile four-pedal plank with silencing funding, an AirTurn blue tooth transceiver, and also a USB charging cable. It’s well worth noting that the blue tooth transceiver utilized and might be removed as a controller.

In addition to the AirTurn QUAD houses a durable lithium battery that supplies a whopping 150 hours of page-turning per fee.

Additionally, it boasts the trademark of AirTurn. Therefore, the QUAD empowers a completely hushed page rotation performance.

The system weighs only under 2 1/2 pounds. It measures 6 1/4 inches wide 16 1/2 inches, and also 2 1/4 inches. Very important to note this device is as high since Airturn Duo.

AirTurn includes a great customer care team that offers realtime technology service for its own customers. It had been fine to learn that assistance was consistently nearby while we found the item user friendly.

It is likely to be simple for one to obtain a ideal application to match with as AirTurn Quad blue tooth Pedal page-turner is harmonious with heaps of apps.

This turner’s goal will be always to handle your own movement working with program computer program to be controlled by a Bluetooth connection.

Additionally, there are two matching techniques. You are able to save as many as 8 apparatus for connections’ links employing pairing that is receptive. The other kind of pairing — shut — it stores the bond for a single apparatus. You notice it and malfunction will not connect to apparatus.

You need to utilize some software which could configure both the pedals within the application form. You can use the pedal to page or whatever installment you’d like: the pedal down, as an example. Pick the pedals assign them and also you’d want to use apart.

It might be rather practical that you get an attribute of setup to 8 devices at precisely exactly the exact identical period for maximum customization.

In addition to this, we adored knowing the item was produced in America. It’s really a trademark of technological imagination and also a match changer for just about almost any musician. It’s well worth every cent while this pedal can be really just a little more pricey than our collections.

Main Features

Quiet but tactile shifting, Ideal for romantic performances and studio sessions
countless harmonious programs such as studying music/lyrics/tabs, tripping funding tracks/effects, MIDI, video/lighting and much more
7 default styles insure many programs or assign habit keystrokes and shortcuts
MIDI controls with the free AirTurn Manager program
A rechargeable battery supplies 150-200hrs play moment using one fee
At 150 ft, we direct the business using greatest working variety


Four fully silent webpage turning pedals
Produced from polycarbonate plastic
Appropriate for most devices and programs
Non Slip Pedal-board padding
Removable Bluetooth transceiver may be Applied as remote controller
Utilize multiple pedals


Four pedals could be hard for a few to browse

QUAD I-OS Tutorial:

Still another remarkable blue tooth page-turner, IK Multimedia IPIRIGBTURN is futuristic-looking back-lit page-turner is super simple to use.

The gadget can be used with I phones, I-pads, Macs, along with Androids.

Not to say, it might be employed with set-list, sheet-music, novel scanning, and slide series programs.

Even the IK Multimedia IPIRIGBTURN is made up of a non-invasive compact panel using two back-lit pad switches which enables you to activate page works, slip scrolls, and also different Bluetooth-supported moves.

The pads have been sensitive enough to be managed by means of a finger press as opposed to the usual foot.

These modes might be corrected on the panel that was iRig.

This apparatus works with applications like Mobile and ForScore Sheets. Therefore it works together PDFs and PPTs on software that are harmonious. The application determines which documents may be properly utilized.

Clients have voiced admiration for its IK Multimedia IPIRIGBTURN is wholly silent operation. In reality, the double controller buttons are all made to create zero noise when staying super responsive.

In addition to this, their LED lights are all designed to be seen much though desktop lighting will otherwise wash out them.

While battery-powered devices do not will have a reputation for durability, the page-turner is energy efficient.

It is likely to be useful if you possess an additional pair of batteries and turn off the device during fractures. In this manner that the batteries will really miss 36-40 hrs.

In addition to this, it streamlined, which makes it simple to drop right into a handbag or backpack. Moreover, it keeps its devices’ interface open when it’s synced. It does so by simply sending hi-d messages through blue tooth LE.


Utilizes Blue Tooth LE
Three distinct settings modes
Double Led Backlit Foot-pedals
Runs on 2 AAA batteries
Appropriate for most devices and programs
Sends Hi-d messages using Blue Tooth LE


IRig page-turner — Overview:

Buying Guide: Things to Consider In a Blue Tooth Page-turner?

An invisible site turner may be musician best friend, however, it can help to learn just what you are searching for until you dive straight into the industry. Pageturners that are Blue tooth on average consist with switches or a couple toggles.

They are inclined to become lightweight, streamlined, and plain. As soon as it’s at times tricky to tell apart 1 page turner it is necessary to check at the elements that are respective.


Though we’ve detected a couple of page turners include 2 pedals. The pedals are often put onto a small plastic or metal stage that’s intended to sit down on the ground.

Pedals on average boast some kind of skid-free surface, for example as for example for instance texturized rubber grips. These empowers a connection between the pedal and a musician’s foot.

Pedals have to become durable enough to defy lots of feet. On stage, equipment has a hard beating apparatus that take a seat top of their floor Since most musicians will say.

Remember that a lot of pedals will be smaller compared to the usual normal foot. Pedals are all preferred. They need to be put so as to stop touch that was peripheral.


It is necessary to pick a pageturner that’s appropriate for your apparatus that is smart. Even the huge majority of page-turners we discovered were harmonious with Apple along with Android systems.

Not to say they functioned with a comprehensive group of programs. Think about calling a producer for a set.

Was to sync expected in regards to a collapse.


Most page-turners and apparatus won’t pair together. That is only because fresh apparatus require blue tooth 4.0. Therefore, they’re an perfect platform for page-turners that are smaller.

Additionally, it is important to see the assortment of space in.

Whenever you believe that a normal stage is approximately 20 feet wide and 16 feet deep, page-turners with nominal blue tooth ranges continue to be effective at providing reliable links.

Beyond this, determine if your prospective page-turner might be synced into a lot more than 1 Bluetooth-compatible apparatus without difficulty. Moreover, determine the easy connectivity of a device.

Typically, users simply have to enable blue tooth in the smart apparatus and utilize one-click syncing.


Pageturners provide you a small number of manners that are diverse. Typically, their manners that were pedal can be placed by users. Popular pedal manners consist of things like page up/page right down, page left/page directly, and different trigger collections.


Most manufacturers hope to develop a natural and receptive foot-pedal texture. Moreover, several allow us activities that were quiet. Pedals should respond to foot replacements that are subtle.

Remember that a few page-turners empower their foot to break onto a pedal. This response has a tendency to confuse a few musicians.


Many musicians also have spent hours curating stage presence and their boards. That said, it’s frequently imperative a page-turner be more streamlined and simple to find alongside a jumble of different apparatus.

To get a few, a different colorway or LED lights ensure it is a lot simpler to find a bike in dim light. For many others, a bicycle board is best. Before settling to a full page-turner consider carefully your preferences.


There’s a vast variety of power sources for blue tooth page-turners. The huge majority of bluetooth page turner we found additional batteries that are utilized. Meanwhile, a few page-turners had re-chargeable lithiumion batteries yet many others boasted DC power-in interfaces.

No matter power supply, we found that a lot of page-turners utilized very tiny sums of energy. Therefore, they can endure without even having a battery change or fee.

That said, we are wary of page-turners who have procured battery latches. This added that an about of hassle and time to battery life fluctuations.

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